About Justice - Justice Simpson Photography

Yep, Justice and her faithful sidekick (read; fancy camera), can definitely capture the essence of your love story in your wedding day video.

Your senior photos will be creative and vibrant, just like you. Also, rest easy, no one would ever guess that there was a bit of chaos and tension among the group just two seconds before she captures your family portrait.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, tricky angles, lighting techniques and Photoshop shortcuts aren’t what make Justice’s photos truly exceptional.

The quality portrayed in Justice’s photography is obvious and yet, irreplaceable.

That unique quality is you.

Genuine people and their stories serve as her inspiration and keep the camera in Justice’s hands. With an open mind and lens, she believes that great photography appears as people embrace their personal stories.

Justice owns more camera lenses than she does shoes and became a photographer because it’s one of the only professions where it’s acceptable to hide behind an intimate object for most of your career. She enjoys making people laugh and learning how their stories might cross.

In any case; the only thing more remarkable than her fohawk, is her ability to connect with the people she works with, portraying their most unique traits without words.

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