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Just The Photographer



Hey, I’m J, and I taught my camera everything it knows.

I am an introvert, a former marketer turned full-time freelance/contract photographer, and an Iowa farm kid currently living in Colorado. (But both my camera and I will travel!)

Genuine people and their stories are my inspiration. With an open mind and lens, I believe that we get truly exceptional photography as you embrace and celebrate your personal story.

If you feel awkward having your photo taken, my friend, I get that. I got into photography possibly because it’s one of the only careers where I can hide behind an object for a majority of my day. But if you’ll trust me, I’ll make you laugh, and we’ll create something truly astounding together.

When I’m not photographing humans, you can often find me taking photos in nature, exploring the Rockies, riding my road bike, shooting hoops, playing guitar, at a CrossFit gym, or frequenting any number of coffee shops.

See you soon!

- J

P.S. I definitely love your dog, please tell them ‘hi’ from me. I would be so down to dog sit and if you feel comfortable, bring your pup to our photoshoot!