Live Event Production

Behind the scenes is where I’m in my element –
as the coordinator of the constantly evolving digital workflow.

As a graphic and playback operator I design and manage digital content that’s presented to thousands of people.

When I’m your content producer, rest assured that your message will be displayed creatively and consistently.

“We’ll do it live!”

I work with some really great production crews. Working with these people who quickly become your family, while getting to be creative in the live video and audio world is truly like no other career. Not only am I client-facing and focused, I create, operate, and troubleshoot the technology utilized for playback during these live events. These productions can range from a small video booth for a trade show, up to a large awards gala with attendance in the thousands.

I’m grateful to be able to work with some terrific companies that take us all around the globe to create for clients like; Sprint, H&R Block and Mercy Health, to name a few.

Somedays I literally cannot remember where in the world I am, other days I’ll fly to a state where the only thing I see is a ballroom in a convention center. Regardless, I wouldn’t trade the fact that I get to be creative, travel and work with so many talented people for anything.